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"Yet the more minds are strained, constricted and subjugated by a narrow interest in the present, the more urgent becomes the need to set them free and, through a general and higher interest in that which is purely human and elevated above all temporal influence, to unite the politically divided world under the banner of Truth and Beauty."

Friedrich von Schiller in the advance notice for "Die Horen"

Schillers Werke im World Wide Web comprises the complete works of Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805), including his poetry and plays, the translations, minor prose works, historical and philosophical writings, letters to and from Schiller and the Conversations.

Schillers Werke is the electronic edition of the Nationalausgabe of Schiller's works. The Nationalausgabe was established in 1940 as the definitive edition of his works, letters and conversations. The edition comprises fifty-six volumes. The series is currently edited by Norbert Oellers, one of the world's leading scholars of German literature. The Nationalausgabe is published in electronic form with the support of and under licence from Verlag Hermann Böhlaus Nachfolger Weimar GmbH & Co.

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